Bubble Show for both small or large stages, Bubble science is great for schools or educational sites, bubble fun is for any occasion! This event can be tailored for any occasion. Learn why a bubble is always round, why there is colour, learn how to make a bubble wand and a square bubble or encase a human inside a giant bubble, drive a car inside a bubble without it bursting and so much more. Over 20 different wands including 3D, from the smallest wand to some of the largest.! It’s a highly participative event that asks lots of ‘what if’ questions and examines the science behind the bubble eg Does a Bubble Float?

Hi there!
So did you manage to read my previous post below? It’s about my ingenious Spy Party which is appealing to all ages. As a super sleuth you will need to work out how to read the message. Take a look and let me know how you managed it!

Fantastic spy party. Sandra saved the day at the very last minute and her customers thought she was a magician! Funnily enough she does magic shows too but this was a teen spy party with Disco and sports games to finish!


Oh it’s time to blog some wonderful news.  We did the entertainment last year at the Little Star Awards in Leeds and yesterday I received the most wonderful feedback from a customer.  Martine told me that she’d spent ages asking people who the entertainer was at this event and eventually found someone who had my business card.  She was over the moon to finally have my details.  Martine had only just got her little boy that week and he hadn’t smiled and wanted to do very little.  He sat on her knee not wanting to join in until I entered the stage and started to entertain the children.  His eyes lit up and his new family saw a spark and a very different little boy.  He jumped up and joined in for the full 2 hour session.   Martine said I was brilliant and that her little boy adored me and that my team had simply blown them away.    I don’t tell you this to show off although it probably sounds like I am but because it actually touched me deeply.  To know that the work I do makes a difference and enabled a little boy to join in, smile and have some fun. I’m feeling pretty BIG right now but for all the right reasons.FB_IMG_1459600050241