Have any Photos?

If you have any great photographs to share then please let me see them especially if you’ve created Olaf over the past few days.  Here’s a few I found whilst travelling around West Yorkshire!!  Do you wanna build a snowman?  If so, please check out my website for more Frozen details because you’ll actually see Olaf at our parties and you’ll have lots of fun throwing snow balls at him.  We also finish our parties with a Snow Machine.  How totally COOL is that?


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The Big Thaw

Well Readers the title couldn’t be further from the Trust.  Big Thaw !!! Oh no.  Frozen Parties have gone through the roof with over 60 requests over the last fortnight with no thaw in sight.  I’m currently searching for an Elsa Look-a-like and I think I’ve found the perfect match so if you want Elsa to make a special appearance at your Big Party then please do contact me.  Character appearances for a 30 minute “photographs and autographs” is £60 but she’ll also sit with the Birthday Girl and dine with her!!


Please do share any photographs you may have that contain SANDRA having fun at your Event.  You may win a special Frozen Prize if you’re the first picture selected from the hat.

First Event for 2015!!

Now delivering a range of different parties in and around Boston Spa and receiving rave customer reviews which I really appreciate.  I’ve spent 10 years delivering successful events all over the country but it’s lovely to be able to work closer to home and see the delight on the children’s faces. Yesterday’s party took place […]