Craft Options

SANDRA offers a wide variety of craft activities and is happy to discuss your personal requirements to ensure you choose the right party package.

This is an excellent idea for any take home gift and Sandra is happy to order materials in agreement with customers budget requirements. Alternatively you can purchase direct from Baker Ross.

Sandra is happy to offer you some party games and disco followed by a craft activity of your choice or an alternative might be craft, balloon modelling, face painting or glitter tattoos. The list is endless as there is so much to choose from on this website. Please do have a really good browse because any combination is possible.

You could incorporate interactive storytelling through puppets, Fleggybobs or add a splash of magic or even a character appearance? Here’s a list of possible craft options which you could complement with the entertainment you choose ie if you decide to secure the puppet show then Sandra strongly recommends you view the hand made puppets on the Baker Ross website which are all age appropriate.

  • Horror hangers for Halloween
  • Masks
  • Pasta picture frames 
  • Picture mobiles
  • Cup monster
  • Foil plaques
  • Peep-proof box
  • Bookmarks
  • Clay pencil holders
  • Swingy spiders
  • Finger doodles
  • Bunting flags
  • Potty pals
  • Porcelain mug and/or plate painting
  • Flower pot painting
  • Jewellery making

  • Finger and/or hand puppets
  • Ceramic money box painting
  • Card making
  • Wooden spoon painting
  • Yo-yo painting
  • Wooden flower and butterfly peg pals
  • Wooden key ring pals
  • Glass painting
  • Rubber-stamping
  • Glitter, feathers, stickers
  • Gems, stones, candle and mould painting
  • Sponge work
  • Wooden ladybirds
  • Butterflies
  • Dragonflies…

The list is endless!

If you opt for a puppet show then these little take home gifts are perfect and fully complement your event. You can view lots of different versions which are all age specific on the Baker Ross website. These include colouring in puppets, stick on fabric puppets and sewing together puppets. There’s a huge selection of themes available and they’re all aged appropriately to make life simple!.

Why Baker Ross? Sandra has used this reputable company for several years and found them to be very reliable. The quality of their products is superb and their pricing structure is highly competitive plus they also donate some of their profits to charity so it’s a Win-Win!

Have fun choosing!

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All Events

Sandra is an incredible entertainer. She can turn her hand to almost anything children want to do from face and hand make-up to balloon twisting to dancing to magic tricks, and so on. You want it, and there is a very good chance Sandra can do it. She understands children of all ages and knows exactly how to pitch her act to the children in her care. She can work indoors or outdoors; in your home or a hall. As you may have gathered, I am extremely impressed with her ability to put on a really good children's party. She is definitely not a waste of your money.  She is even providing Family Events and even turned her hand to  DJ-ing!

Annita Fisher

Any Event

Would highly recommend Sandra for any party for any aged child. She has done three parties for my theatre group now and every single one has been thoroughly enjoyed by all age groups (and parents). She has also done some in-house entertaining much to the children's delight. Face painting, balloon making, and general all round entertaining, including shows and science events!  Such a talent.

Estelle Lawn, Just for Fun Drama Group

Family Party

We had Sandra for a big family event recently. She was awesome.  Three hours of fun, games and entertainment with suitable small breaks but she also kept everyone involved throughout.  It was a big joint 40th and 1st birthday party for me and my son so there were lots of family members and friends who didn't really know each other too well.  We had lots of little kids - mainly toddlers aged 3 years but with some older and younger ones too.  We wanted something to entertain the kids and also to get different family members and friends talking, breaking the ice and having fun. Sandra had so many ideas when I initially spoke to her and she helped me work out what would work.  She was brilliant!  The little ones loved her games and really took a shine to her.  The games were pitched perfectly and were so imaginative and such good fun.  The games aimed at the families were really good too and were designed to include the little kiddies up to grandparents.  She was so approachable and energetic making it really easy for shy kids and adults to join in, in spite of the usual social awkwardness which you get at an event like this where you've lots of people who don't know each other very well.  We had songs, dancing, make believe, story telling, drama, balloon models, magic, puppets, quizzes, lots of party games, bubbles .... so much I can't even begin to detail it all.  Sandra was so enthusiastic, fun, professional throughout and she just adapted to the room/crowd as she read it.  She has bags of energy and ideas.  We were really impressed and she brought the whole party together.  The kids, especially LOVED it.  Thank you so much for an awesome day!  My son was certainly enthralled with the puppets, bubbles and chocolate buttons.  Thanks again for a fabulous event, well executed with care and attention to detail.

Laura Conner

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