Due to COVID-19 we’re now offering Virtual party packages. You don’t event have to leave your Home. We have 2 packages on offer and we are also giving you a Free E-Invite when you book a party with us!

Our Live Zoom Party Package with Free Party E-Invite is just £45.00 for 40 Minutes and our Deluxe Pre-recorded party package with free E-Invite is £70.00

Choice of 2 Virtual party options now available!

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Book your Virtual Christmas Spectacular video before 17th December to receive your free bonus material of the mischievous Elf! This is a packed 2 hour party with Sandra guiding you and your bubble guests through a variety of challenges, competitions, quizzes and more. Take the stress out of your party as Sandra introduces all the games which are aimed at families and allow everyone to join in and have fun during the Festive Season. Pause and play over a few hours or days, it’s your party, your choice. Guaranteed to cause a little tension, excitement and laughter as everyone joins in and wants to WIN! A wonderful keepsake and Christmas Gift too! Book now


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Recycle and enjoy using all those empty boxes you accumulate over the festive season. Create some amazing memories as you work your way through a variety of projects with the kids this year. Here’s a few to get you started. Enjoy.

One Hour Event

Sandra offers you a fabulous One Hour Event which is perfect for those little tykes who tire quickly. You can ...
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Frozen Christmas Party

You can now invite the Snow Queen and her sister or even a Super-hero character to your event? We have ...
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Children in Need Challenge

I have created a massive event to take place throughout the UK for anyone who enjoys Stand Up Paddle Boarding, ...
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KidS’UP Health and Fitness

You can do all of this either on or off a Paddle board! Make it fun by adding a competitive ...
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Unicorn Party!

A fabulously exciting, fun packed and brand new party package by popular demand is now available! Here's some of the ...
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Big Events Take 1!

Here's just a few highlights of what you can expect to see at one of our Events! We hope you ...
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Hi everyone! Busy weekend with our circle of fun which included lots of puppets and fantastic storytelling. It was Grace's ...
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Dog training

Welcome to my 3rd YouTube video of KidS'UP! ...
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KidS’UP Cloud Formations

Here's my 2nd video about keeping the kids active, happy and involved either on or off a paddle board. Enjoy! ...
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KidS'UP Crabbing Tips

KidS’UPCrabbing Tips

Welcome to my first YouTube Channel KidS'UP. It's about encouraging the grown ups and the children to have extra fun ...
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I am now making regular appearances on Channel 4 as one of Steph McGovern’s lunch mates! How totally cool is that?


Written by Sandra during COVID-19. If you’d like to host the perfect event please view this interview and check out why this book is essential reading.


I did a 2 hour party for 17 girls aged 10 years yesterday and the venue was absolutely spectacular! I can honestly say hand on heart one of the best venues I have been to! The owners are wonderful, professional and passionate about their Services. This was a brilliant all girls event and I received the most heart warming feedback from the girls themselves at the end as well as from the parents. In fact the birthday girls father told me he used to run Haven Holiday Parks and he said “it’s the best money I’ve ever spent!” I was totally blown away by the feedback received