Bubble Exploration

An interactive, exciting and fun way to explore the science behind the Bubble!

SANDRA offers you a choice of 2 packages:

Package One:             2 Hour Bubble Party!
Package Two:            45 Minute Bubble Show *

* Suitable for large crowds and can be repeated throughout the day at hourly intervals.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What is a Bubble?
  • Why are bubbles coloured?
  • What does a bubble taste like?
  • Why are bubbles round?
  • Does a bubble float?
  • Why is the skin stretchy?
  • Why do bubbles burst?
  • Why can’t you blow a square bubble using a square wand?

This performance is highly visual and Sandra uses a variety of tools, see below, to demonstrate her theories.

  • Tennis racket
  • Giant square 3D cube
  • Fly swatter
  • Giant shaped wands
  • Electric bubble machine
  • Huge loops creating gigantic bubbles and large nets to create billions of bubbles at the same time!
  • The finale is when children are chosen to stand inside a giant bubble!  Can Sandra get 2 children in one giant bubble at the same time?

Sandra will also demonstrate a few tricks with her bubble equipment and create a giant bubble smoke rocket too!

Finally, create and make your very own bubble wand to take home!  It’s that simple.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

*Bubble Show can be extended to one hour by getting the children to make their own wands.

Ideally, a carpeted space (4×4 metres) with a black/dark background. If the floor is not carpeted, we can provide our own if necessary. Access to a plug and one large table. Please notify us if your space is air conditioned.

Concrete, grass and most surfaces are absolutely fine. We will avoid bubbling on polished/shiny floors. The liquid is completely safe and COSHH statements can be provided if required.
We hold a current Public Liability Insurance, DBS and have undertaken the above risk assessment.

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