Bubbles Galore

An interactive, exciting and fun way to explore Bubbles!

SANDRA offers you a choice of 3 packages:

  • Two hour Bubble Party to include party games/discoPackage
  • Two hour Bubble Science party Package (Educational and perfect for schools)
  • Promotions, Gala’s, Marketing events and Festivals

Bubble Wand Making can be added as a party extra on any of the above party options. A great craft activity and take home gift. The kids absolutely love these and even get a chance to use them at the event!

This is a great Promotions activity for any event as our Amazing, jaw dropping wands attract huge crowds to the stage.

* Suitable for large crowds and can be repeated throughout the day at hourly intervals.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What is a Bubble?
  • Why are bubbles coloured?
  • What does a bubble taste like?
  • Why are bubbles round?
  • Does a bubble float?
  • Why is the skin stretchy?
  • Why do bubbles burst?
  • Why can’t you blow a square bubble using a square wand?

This performance is highly visual and Sandra uses a variety of tools to demonstrate her theories.

  • Tennis racket
  • Giant square 3D cube
  • Fly swatter
  • Giant shaped wands
  • Electric bubble machine
  • Huge loops creating gigantic bubbles and large nets to create billions of bubbles at the same time!
  • The finale is when children are chosen to stand inside a giant bubble!  Can Sandra get 2 children in one giant bubble at the same time?

Sandra will also demonstrate a few tricks with her bubble equipment as she manages to capture a square bubble!

Ideally, a carpeted space (4×4 metres) with a black/dark background. If the floor is not carpeted, we can provide our own coverage if necessary. We will also need easy access to the room or help with unloading and loading if access is difficult. Sandra also needs access to a plug point and one large table is essential. Please notify us if you don’t have a table spare or carpeted area.

NB: All air conditioning must be switched off during the bubble performance as this severely hinders the show. Thank You.

Concrete, grass and most surfaces are absolutely fine. We will avoid bubbling on polished/shiny floors. The liquid is completely safe and COSHH statements can be provided if required.
We hold a current Public Liability Insurance, DBS and have undertaken the appropriate risk assessment. NB: Rain, too much heat (sunshine) or wind will severely hinder the performance of our bubbles. We strongly recommend an indoor venue as weather conditions are unpredictable when booking so far in advance.


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