Key Party Features

How Sandra makes the Birthday child feel special by instantly creating a bond

Big Events for Little People create magical parties which children remember forever.  Sandra is an expert in making dreams come true and has made every birthday child feel extra special. She often bumps into teenagers in and around the area who always tell her that they remember her because it was the best party they’d every had!

Features of all Parties

The standard party package is 2 hours with a 20-25 minute break in the middle. Sandra prefers to arrive one hour prior to your start time, because she will inflate and model approximately 20 balloons for your guests prior to the start time. It normally takes 20-30 minutes to exit the building depending on how far the car park is from the premises (but she always appreciates a hand).

Sandra will normally start the party slow and quiet for the younger children and encourage adult participation for the first 10 minutes or so. She will ask the children and parents to join her in circle time and once the children are engaged the parents can settle down to a nice cuppa. (NB: for safety reasons we encourage parents to remain seated whilst carrying hot beverages and it’s best to serve these 30 minutes into the event).

LOOK! All of these are a FREE part of every party!

Snow/Foam Machine

Smoke Machine

Bubble Machine

More reasons to choose SANDRA:

Award-winning party provider

Competitive pricing structure

5 Star Review Ratings

Rewards for customer loyalty

No limit on numbers

Bespoke party packages

Huge selection of party packages already available

Pick ‘n’ Mix (you can select the bits you want from our pre-existing party packages)

Energetic, creative, enthusiastic, professional delivery every time with 100% positive reviews

Sweets, prizes, certificates, medals and free printable party invitations

Equipment Hire if you book with us

Discounts on cakes when booking a party with us

The Birthday Child is always made to feel special – after all they are the star of the show!

Balloon modelling

Parachute games, limbo and pass the parcel

Payment options include bank transfer, cash or cheque

PLI up to £10m

PAT Tested

First Aider

DBS Police Clearance

Professional Standards

Health and Safety Assessment on all equipment used

Plus free E-Invitations now available when you book a party with Sandra!

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Sandra instantly strikes a rapport with the birthday child helping them to feel at ease by showing an interest in them, offering them a balloon model, some sweets or interacting with them in some fun way.

Sandra assesses the situation based on her brief interactions and observations with the birthday child or information gleaned prior to the party which help her to pitch it just right. Sandra will always kneel down beside the birthday child which instantly deflects potential barriers.  It’s the little things that are important and that’s why Sandra needs to assess the child on the day and depending on them, she will tailor just how much of a fuss she will make of them, for instance, if they are feeling very shy she won’t make as many references to them.

Here’s a few typical things you can expect to see:

Reference to the Birthday Child at the beginning of the party and a big thank you to the birthday child at the end of the party.

The birthday child will always win sweets and prizes (lots of extra little bits).

The Birthday child will always receive a larger balloon model, their face painting design will always be bigger, bolder, more glittery and no one else will have the same detailed design.

They will always be praised throughout the event.

The Birthday child will take the lead in the conga and will always be selected as a special helper, for example, magic tricks.

The Birthday Child will select 2 people who they would like to sit next to them at the table.

No one is allowed to sit down to eat until the Birthday Child and their guests have taken their seats – protocol dictates it!

The Birthday child is the only person who will be allowed to either walk on the top of the parachute whilst been elevated by the crowd, alternatively using it to create a spectacular party dress for the Birthday child.

Throughout the party there will be references made on the microphone about the Birthday Child.

The Birthday Child will be used in any slapstick activities such as Superhero dressing up or the gargle challenge!

The Birthday Child will receive a certificate and a Medal for any successful sporting activities or other relevant party games where team working is imperative.

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