Family Parties

This is a wonderful opportunity to pass the time of day with friends and family of all ages.

It kick-starts any event and provides a focus for everyone. Get out of the kitchen and into the party with lots of varied party games to suit everyone.

Dip in and out, it’s not compulsory but it is fun and that’s guaranteed. Tried and tested and never fails but make sure your guests are prepared for fun and games (no short skirts or high heels necessary). Think “Generation Game” and your getting warmer!

Some of the games range from:

  • Making a chicken out of a towel.
  • Remembering the items you see.
  • Music quiz.
  • Disco dancing/karaoke competition.
  • Feather football.
  • Solve the mystery.
  • Hula hoop race.
  • Balloon games.
  • Generation game activities.

This is an ideal event for family and friends of all ages to participate and have fun. You will work as a team, compete with other teams, and utilise your best team members skills. The ingredients for success are a willingness to participate and a competitive spirit!

For more information about this wonderful interactive event please speak to SANDRA who will be delighted to tell you more.

This event can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and if you’re thinking of having family and friends over for Christmas here’s the perfect party package!

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