Pom-Pom Characters (Fleggibobs)

The aim of this event is to encourage adults to read to children and entice them (especially boys) to read for themselves by using fun, imagination and ideas.

Suitable for ages 5 to 10 years (although to be honest it should say from 5 to 105)!  Note: the younger end ie 5/6 years may need to have a few extra Adult hands available to support them whilst making their characters.

It will also help children deal with the problems of “fitting in” and “being different”, something that many of today’s children can relate to.


By the end of the event the children will be able to:

  • Design, name and make their own soft toy (Fleggybob) to take home and look after.
  • Complete an individual birth certificate for their own Fleggybob by giving it a unique name and date of birth and/or colouring it in so that it resembles their own crafted Fleggybob.
  • Sing along to the Fleggybob song and/or poem using the music/words provided. 
  • Dance along to the Fleggybobs tune which will encourage them to exercise at school and/or at home.

Background Information

About SANDRA, Bespoke Children’s Events

Sandra is a self-employed professional children’s entertainment specialist.  She is educated to degree level with a training qualification, Member of Equity, CRB (Police) checked, has full public liability insurance cover and a track record for delivering quality, value for money and successful events.  All her electrical equipment is PAT tested and conforms to European standards of safety.

About Jenny Blade, Children’s Author

Jenny started Fleggybobs a number of years ago as a local fundraiser.  One thing led to another, and she is now developing it as a children’s party idea.  To cut a long story short, she unexpectedly received a large order to supply thousands of activity packs for children delayed at Heathrow Airport when a plane crashed in January.  As a result she has received an overwhelming number of enquiries for Fleggybob parties all over the UK.

You can view the Fleggybobs website for further information on www.fleggybobs.com

Pom-Pom Characters Workshop Format

  • A definition about the Pom-pom Characters (known as Fleggybobs) is read out from a Gigantic Book!
  • There will be a wonderful display of Fleggybobs which include infant, adolescent, parent and grandparent.
  • The children will be told about the Fleggybobs  eating habits and shown specific items that the Fleggybobs enjoy eating or chewing on!
  • This will be followed by a Craft Activity – the children make their own Fleggybob character (there are hundreds of different colours, sizes and faces to choose from).
  • Once the children have completed their character, an interactive story will be told about these creatures (using a very large, colourful book and read by a trained Actor).
  • After the story the children will be asked to think about a name for their creature and given a Birth Certificate to complete and colour in (using the pens provided).
  • Once the Birth Certificate is complete the children will be taught all about Toilet Training, sleeping habits, putting their creature to sleep, hygiene, cleaning teeth and all about their Bad Habits!  This is a delightful, fun session with lots of giggles…
  • The children particularly enjoy this next section:  It’s a Quiz.  They have to guess what’s wrong with their Fleggybob and how to make it better.  Simply more giggling and fun ….
  • After the quiz the children are given A4 sheets with letters on and asked to design them.  Once completed the children are asked to put themselves into the correct letter formation to spell out the word “Fleggybobs”.  This is done to the Fleggybobs Song!
  • Finally, the children are show other items that can be made using Fleggybob characters, one of which is a spider.  To end this wonderful workshop the children will be told about the tale of a Witch.  This is a very special book though… because there’s a spider with a very particular habit of appearing and disappearing when it wants.

Meet some of the characters but remember they’re all completely different. You create your own colours, facial expressions and size…

Fleggybobs Everywhere/The Song

Older children soon learn the words to this quick and catchy song. Encourage them to read from the lyrics as this creates a connection between the words they are singing and the words they are reading.

Fleggybobs Everywhere/The Poem

Younger children love listening to this poem. It is slow, clear and easy to follow. Encourage them to read the lyrics as this creates a connection between the words they hear, and the words they are reading.


SANDRA, will be happy to help you tailor make your specific requirements and price up your options.  This will depend on the number of children attending each event and the type of equipment required.

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