Health Safety & Hygiene

Face Paints & Materials

All face painting products are water based and wash off easily. In the unlikely event of anyone suffering a reaction or irritation from the paints used, I will stop using them immediately and advise the individual to wash them off immediately.

Sandra will not paint anyone who knowingly suffers from a skin allergy of any kind, nor will I paint over open cuts/sores or anyone with conjunctivitis.

Sandra takes extra care when painting near eyes and the paints will never be put directly into the eyes. However, in the unlikely event of this happening (i.e. the child moves suddenly) the paints will not be harmful.


Supervision of all games is paramount and parental assistance is often required. The safe removal of burst balloons is monitored as well as wet or slippery floors and Sandra does have a “Slippery floor” notice which she often makes reference to, especially during certain parts of her performance.

Sandra requests that all hot drinks be prepared a good 20-30 minutes into her performance to avoid a child receiving serious burns as a result of a spillage. Sandra will also request that adults vacate the play area, usually the dance floor when holding hot drinks over a child’s head as this present’s serious Health and Safety Risk.


Sandra has prepared a Health and Safety Regulations sheet for all aspects of her work. If required please ask for a copy to be emailed to you.

You should be aware that Health and Safety Regulations require a responsible adult to be present throughout my performance.


Young children are quite vulnerable to bacteria that can cause food poisoning. So it’s very important to store, prepare and cook food safely and to keep kitchens clean. Food should not be kept out of cold storage for longer than 4 hours.

All fruits and vegetables should be washed before use. Raw eggs should be avoided as they may contain Salmonella bacteria, which may cause food poisoning. Any foods, which may contain uncooked raw egg i.e. mayonnaise, should be avoided. When re-heating food customers must ensure that it is piping hot all the way through, and allowed to cool slightly before serving.

All food must be served at the appropriate temperatures.

Tooth picks served with food to children under 5 years of age must be avoided.

Grapes and similar sized fruit and vegetables should be cut in half to avoid choking which may result in sudden death.

It is advisable to provide notices on any foods containing nuts.

If any of your guests or family suffers from hay fever, asthma, eczema or any food allergy it is advisable that you are advised in advance so that you can take account of food preparation.

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