Mystery / Detective Double-Agent Spy Party

This party is all about training to become a Detective/Double Agent/Super Spy.  You will learn how to solve crazy, innovative and exciting puzzles but beware – the clock is ticking throughout.  You’ll need to intercept messages from drop zones, learn to walk silently and without detection.  You will also need to use expert surveillance techniques whilst tracking your suspects unnoticed. 

If you’re in the younger category you may need to put your head into something fluffy and white to pull out hidden messages with your teeth.  If your older you’ll be locating messages in bamboo shoots, using cipher wheels to decode messages and you will most certainly be receiving the infamous “Mission Impossible” envelope but beware it may self-destruct once read!

You’ll be taught some clever but simple tricks of the trade by Special Agent SANDRA Code Name:  Raven.   Then you must solve the mystery of “Who stole the party bags?” before the end of the Event.

Think: Scooby Doo and Mission Impossible sound tracks, Sherlock Holmes and his ingenious methods of detective work complemented with CSI Fingerprint solving to determine who the villain is.  This is an activity based, action packed, fun filled event for small or larger groups of children.  SANDRA has created two separate events aimed at the 4-6 year olds and one for the 7+ age groups.  Both packages also include age appropriate and detective/spy games using the parachute/magnifying glass for pass the parcel.

It’s cool, clever and highly participative.  The children will work in small groups and will support one another throughout the event.  It is advised that some parent support is available particularly with the younger ones to help them read some of their coded messages.

Can they manage to convince people that they’re something they’re not? Can they write a message that only a fellow secret agent could read? Our spy parties provide a mix between spy activities and more active games. A spy party can be adapted for any age and number of children.

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