One Hour Event

Sandra offers you a fabulous One Hour Event which is perfect for those little tykes who tire quickly. You can also add a craft activity in after food if you’d like a 1.5 hour party option but you only want an entertainer to cover one hour.

The event starts with a choice of disco, nursery rhyme time or party games depending on the age range. This is followed by a choice of;

  • Disco and Party Games
  • Magic
  • Puppet Show
  • Or a combination of your choice from the list above! It’s your party so you get to choose but don’t worry, Sandra is always happy to help you make the right choice.

NB: Please go to the relevant party section to view the party packages mentioned above.

Your guests will also receive a balloon model at the end of your event as a take home gift from Sandra but don’t forget the option to add a craft activity if you’d like to extend your party.

You can purchase a wide selection of hand made puppets for the children to colour in, stitch or glue fabric to depending on their ages. These puppets really complement the puppet show and can be purchased at an extremely reasonable price from Baker Ross. Please see some examples below.

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