Pirate Party

Excellent event for parties at home or larger venues.

SANDRA will provide each child with a cutlass on arrival before they are split into teams to begin their activities.

Arts and Crafts Corner (optional). The children can make either a pirate hat, parrot or paint a pirate design onto a pebble. The host/hostess will need to choose one of the above activities prior to the event.

There will be an additional charge for materials used and the price will depend on the type of activity chosen. Children will play lots of age related pirate games like:

  • Treasure map
  • Pirate’s treasure
  • Walking the plank
  • Captain says
  • Captain’s coming
  • Marooned pirates
  • Treasure hunt
  • Hide and seek
  • Pin the patch on the pirate

SANDRA can also offer special effects face painting, such as, pirate eye patch, pirate beard, pirate moustache, cuts, scars and bruising. We can also provide tattoos in theme with your event ie skull and cross, snakes, cuts and scars.

Please remember that you can also tailor make this event to suit your particular needs.

A bottle of Champagne!

What can I say? Having been to many children's parties I feel that I have become somewhat of a connoisseur in children's entertainers. Sandra is definitely a bottle of champagne as opposed to a can of lager! I do not really recommend things to others unless I am confident of the product and with Sandra I have that confidence. She is professional, child focused, efficient, patient, energetic and more importantly fun! My daughter has asked me if we can have Sandra for all her parties until she is 38 years old!


All Events

Sandra is an incredible entertainer. She can turn her hand to almost anything children want to do from face and hand make-up to balloon twisting to dancing to magic tricks, and so on. You want it, and there is a very good chance Sandra can do it. She understands children of all ages and knows exactly how to pitch her act to the children in her care. She can work indoors or outdoors; in your home or a hall. As you may have gathered, I am extremely impressed with her ability to put on a really good children's party. She is definitely not a waste of your money.  She is even providing Family Events and working as a DJ!

Annita Fisher

Bespoke Event

Flora and I just want to thank you for her amazing party. It was honestly the most stress free kids party we have ever hosted and every one had a great time. Jim and I were really impressed with your ability to stop anarchy breaking out and your energy! Flora certainly wants to book you again for next year so please don't retire. Thanks again for your help and I hope to see you again in a year's time!


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