Sports Party

Very popular event!

This event can be tailored to suit any event and is great for all ages including the grown up’s. If you’re having a family celebration and have enough room then why not invite Sandra to add some fun and kick start the party? Set the grown up’s against the children or mix the teams so there’s something for everyone! Let the shouting, screaming, laughter and jocular arguing begin! It will be a race against the clock as teams battle it out to win the ultimate prize but don’t tell them that the winners have to do a karaoke song!

This is Exciting, Interactive, and Team Based with a Competitive Element or alternatively you can tailor the event to incorporate groups of four children working together and supporting one another on a circuit of activities.

You can also combine this with age appropriate fun and games or disco/both. A Safe Working Environment is vital and it is SANDRA’S responsibility to ensure that your child is encouraged to participate in all activities safely.

Sandra encourages team spirit and the importance of supporting your team members whether they are successful of not.It’s not all about the winning but the taking part that’s important and that’s where the emphasis lies.

This package has it all and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • Sports activities for those of you who have stamina, strength and a competitive spirit. A unique range of sports equipment is brought to this event
  • Team based activities working in groups of 4 has some pretty amazing equipment which bring lots of fun, laughter and effort to the circuit
  • Chocolates, sweets and gifts to encourage and drive you and your team to Victory
  • Mental tests with a twist (if appropriate)
  • Disco competition time 
  • Karaoke competition time (if requested)
  • Crazy but nice. (Smarties dipped in flour but you can only get them with your mouth)

The great thing about this party is that there is something to suit everyone and you don’t have to be good at any of it either. Just enjoy the experience as it gathers pace to a spectacular finale.

Age-appropriate options for your Sports Party:

Option 1 (Ages 6+)

  • Warm up and cool down exercises
  • Use of horizontal speed ladders used by athletes to build co-ordination, strength and stamina
  • Football cones to increase sense of awareness, anticipate actions, develop speed and accuracy
  • Hurdles
  • Parachute games
  • Other age appropriate games...

Option 2 (Ages 8+ with adult supervision)

  • Warm up and cool down exercises 
  • Use of multi-sports equipment in teams of four
    on a circuit using the following types of equipment
  • Balance Balls 
  • Pedal Steps 
  • Pogo sticks 
  • Stilt walkers 
  • The Big Wobbler 
  • Aerobic exercises 
  • Giant ‘Feet Walkers’
  • and more…

Option 3 (Ages 5+)

  • Warm up and Cool down exercises 
  • Shoot the Goalie 
  • Penalty Knock out 
  • Mini match with a difference 
    Combination of 1 or 2 above at appropriate level.

It’s your event and you can tailor it to meet your needs. It’s totally unique and great fun. Enjoy putting together a flexible programme to meet you and your guests personal requirements.

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