Sandra the Fairy Godmother

Fairy Cupcake has now retired and we are delighted to inform you that her replacement is now The Fairy Godmother.

Watch in amazement as Sandra, aka Fairy Godmother works her magic around the room.

The children are submerged in a thousand shimmering bubbles, beautiful music and wonderful games including the enormous fairy ring (colourful parachute).

During the first hour her telephone rings and it’s the Fairy Queen with a very special message for the birthday boy/girl.  If your little darling is a girl they will dance with the magic mushroom, float on air and learn all about The Fairy Godmother’s friends. If your little darling is a boy they will ride the waves with Captain Jack, sword fight with Peter Pan and learn to fly an aeroplane in a mystical adventure full of fun, games, dance and a little drama.

The party format:

  • Interactive storytime whilst sitting on the fairy ring.
  • Q&A with the Fairy Godmother.
  • Meet and touch Baby Grindle – a real fairy!
  • Magic time.
  • Age appropriate party games.
  • Song and dance with the Fairy Godmother.
  • After the food the children rally to the Fairy Godmother’s enthusiastic, energetic and captivating style and the room is alive with the fun filled excitement of the children.
  • They are thrown into a million tiny bubbles, more music, games, prizes, parachute games and fabulous, exciting games like musical statues and bumps (but with a difference)!
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